About Us

Who Is Sketch-4 Created in July 2014 Manufactured in Gibsonville, NC USA Sketch-4 has been “in the family” for many years. Its very name implies art and we have often discussed “Sketch-4ward,” meaning that we are a forward thinking, design-driven brand created to increase sales “by design.” The people involved with Sketch-4 have been in the design, product development, and printing business for many years. We hope that you will like what you see and will join us. Our Mission We are not just selling flags and mats; we are selling art and design -- designs that retailers and consumers proudly display in their homes and in their yards. Art is personal, regional and needs to express the mind of its owner. That’s why we created a company that can respond quickly and turn new ideas into new products and new designs – fast! In The USA Our products are designed and printed in North Carolina. We are proud of our state and of our products and we’d be proud to have you as part of our network of customers. ​Contact Our Sales Team